If you’re a one-man office, with little administrative support, or with other duties and responsibilities in parish life, you’ve probably come to realize that you can’t do it all. Not to mention, creating engaging programs and messaging weren’t exactly a part of the coursework in seminary. The tasks at hand are enormous –

  • Meeting the yearly goal of seminary entrants
  • Harnessing funding to support vocations ministry
  • Initiating contact with prospective men
  • Providing accompaniment of men through their vocational discernment at various levels of readiness
  • Creating digital outreach via emails and social media posts to engage men
  • Coordinating various events and retreats to nurture vocational discernment and to fundraise – and coordinating the marketing and registration of these events

And the list goes on.

You need and deserve a collaborator that brings the experience and expertise of an award-winning communications media company that knows the Catholic space. You need a partner that understands your unique audiences, the ins and outs of the Church’s vocations ministry, and whose success is already proven in this space.

Through segmented communications strategy and workflows, we will capture the unique information of those who bite your hook to get them into the engagement/cultivation funnel. This allows us to filter them accordingly while nurturing them along the process of their vocational discernment with continued, engaging content – leading them to a point of readiness for you to engage with them one-on-one.

You can’t do this alone. The water is deep and vast, and the fish are out there! We’d like to help you cast your net in new ways that will get you immediate results to where your net is tearing.