A New Method to an Ancient Sport

Fishing for men, today, requires a new method. The initial approach of “Have you ever thought of becoming a priest” used to work well – for centuries – for engaging men in their vocational discernment. But it presupposed they were, in some way, ready for the question.

With the degradation of the culture, where the foundational, formative support is lacking, we can’t start there anymore. Men, today, need opportunities to discover meaning and purpose in their lives, to build their character, to have virtues and values instilled, to discern what healthy and virtuous masculinity looks like, and to deepen their relationships with Christ and His Church – all leading them to a point of readiness to discern God’s calling for their lives.

This is where both digital and in-person programs, events, retreats, and other intentional efforts to nurture men’s engagement and formation are key to vocational ministry, no matter their level of readiness, to draw them in to validate their purpose and God-given vocation for their lives. With our extensive connections, we are able to provide you with already-developed programs and initiatives that can support your ministry and meet this important, fundamental need to grow your base.

Let’s get you started!