Different Fish Need Different Kinds of Bait.

Different men require different messaging. This is what we call audience segmentation. Just as you’re aware of the various types of people who come to Mass every Sunday, it’s a real challenge to prepare a homily that will speak to each of them where they’re at. It’s the same within this age group of men you are trying to engage. They are at various stages in their lives, having different interests, hobbies, practices, values, experiences, and so on. Some are more reflective while others are more active. The manner of communication will vary given his demographics, experiences, and more. One blanket message will not be effective for engaging them to get the results you desire.

And this segmentation goes deeper, as time goes on and more is learned about the men in your funnel.

Let us help you identify your men and provide messaging that resonates with those already in your pool and for those in the deeper waters where you’ll cast your net.