Fish Food.

Once we get men to bite the hook and enter your funnel, we need to feed them – to nurture them along the way.

First, we assess where they will swim best among the pool of men you’ve caught, who have entered your funnel, placing them into the appropriate stream, or workflow.

Workflows are created for the men, based on a filtering system, assessing their level of readiness for engagement with you, personally, and their engagement with your digital content, outreach, and events.

As they work themselves downstream, relevant content and events are created for you to nurture their formation and development along their discernment process. With automated and tailored messaging, newsletters, video clips, and other content, your men will feel engaged and accompanied by you throughout the process.

And, what’s so helpful is that all of this is done for you – all of it with your input and approval! It’s like having an on-site team doing all of this outreach, assessment, and nurturing!

Let us help you feed the fish!