Pursuing safety, health and well-being for every child

No More Stolen Childhoods (NMSC) was formed to address child sexual abuse prevention, including warning sign education and awareness, as well as survivor support. The organization approached Renegade to help them increase their impact on a national level.

In order to differentiate itself in a crowded landscape, Renegade determined that NMSC needed to focus on aspects of child sexual abuse that were not currently addressed by other local and national organizations. NMSC also needed to focus on areas that had the highest probability of creating measurable change so that it could fully maximize its impact.

After conducting an exhaustive feasibility study, competitive landscape and gap analysis, Renegade determined that while many sexual abuse nonprofits focus on the warning signs and general prevention, there was little material addressing WHY the abuse goes unreported and WHAT happens when child sexual abuse is reported. Renegade identified secret keeping as the linchpin to ending the cycle of abuse and determined a new focus on disclosure and reporting.

Brand Strategy

Renegade compiled hundreds of hours of legal mandates, regulations and cause research into a comprehensive Findings Report that clearly articulated new strategic positioning for NMSC.

Content for a Cause

NMSC brought its new focus on disclosure and reporting to life with a Renegade-produced animated video about the critical importance of reporting sexual abuse.


Renegade provided new branding for NMSC materials, including a brand brochure and DVD.


NMSC recalibrated its mission

Renegade helped NMSC identify a gap in childhood sexual abuse prevention. Improving disclosure and reporting would disrupt the cycle of abuse, replacing secret keeping with a social imperative to provide children with safety, health and well-being. Renegade’s Findings Report gave NMSC a foundation for developing future product-solutions and awareness content.

  • Feasibility Study
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative & Content Strategy
  • ip development
  • Animated Video

Renegade’s comprehensive finding report and executive summary provided NMSC with a new brand position. The existing resource analysis also provided a foundation for developing future product-solutions and awareness content. With new brand positioning defined, Renegade conducted executive team and board training and began the execution of a brand awareness campaign to launch NMSC’s new solution.